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100% of donations Expand Hope receives go into the field. *
Together we will build a school in Chacalte, Guatemala.


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Chacalte, Guatemala School Build …….


$20 Donation = Obtain a no obligation insurance quote and give it some careful thought, Foster Park will donate $20 to Expand Hope. It will take approximately 30 minutes on the phone to obtain a quote.  To initiate this, call 780-489-4961 and request a new insurance quote using the promotional code EXPAND HOPE.  Or to initiate by email please contact

$100 Donation = if your quotation turns into an annual policy, Foster Park will donate $100.

Foster Park and you, together, reducing your insurance costs and building One School At A Time!

The Story,
Chacalte Guatemala

The situation is tense. Guatemala is in the midst of a civil war. The government-backed army fights against rebels backed by ethnic Maya indigenous people and Ladino citizens who constitute the rural poor. In a small community 25 km away from the major town of Tactic, villagers go about their daily chores. Nothing could have prepared them for what was about would happen on that fateful day, unaware of the horror that would descend on their community.

Armed rebels closed in on this small civilian community, they unjustly accuse the villagers of collaborating with armed civilian patrols. Without warning, men, women, and children over ten years old are ruthlessly shredded with bullets. The younger children, flee to the mountains in fear. Paralyzed, and praying for safety, these children were left to fend for their tiny selves, isolated from the rest of their kin. Their lives are shattered. Their hope decimated. Their dreams killed by the barrel of a gun.

Today, Chacalte still suffers the effects of that tragic day. Upon visiting the community today, one is warmly greeted by the cheerful villagers, leaders, and elders. The oldest people in this village are the children that returned from the mountains about 30 years ago. These young elders have become the leaders of their community. The villagers work hard to piece together the broken parts of their history. Their resiliency is humbling. However, all is not well in Chacalte. There is only one primary school in the community. Many of the children here do not go past grade six, and the closest high school is 25 km away in Tactic.

Chacalte needs our help on this journey to recovery. There is something that you and I can do to help. Expand Hope Foundation, a Canadian enterprise, is rallying the global community to come together and break the cycle of poverty by building a school in Chacalte, one of many. Your donation and support will go a long way in helping this community transform and rebuild their lives. **

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** In the event excess funds are raised, the funds will be put towards a school build in another community in the Nebaj region.